Phone and Email Directory

Campus Rec Administrative Offices
210 Leach Center, Tallahassee, FL 32306-4290
Chris Morris Director of Campus Recreation 850-644-0553 Email
Pattie Malarney Senior Associate Director 850-644-8606 Email
David Peters Associate Director 850-644-7698 Email
Kate Blosser Assistant Director, Marketing & Special Events 850-645-0353 Email
Jenna Ulewicz Human Resources Specialist 850-644-0549 Email
Kasony Sims Senior Accountant 850-644-0555  
Jordan Elmore Accountant 850-644-0554  
Ian Michael Administrative Assistant 850-645-0792  
Bobby Broome Maintenance Superintendent 850-644-0545  
Leach Center / Fitness / Aquatics
210 Leach Center, Tallahassee, FL 32306-4290
General Information Leach Center Front Desk 850-644-0548  
Darryl Lovett Assistant Director, Fitness Facility Operations 850-645-0475 Email
Lynn Grasso Assistant Director, Fitness Programs 850-644-0546 Email
TBD Coordinator, Fitness 850-644-1613 Email
Alyssa Gaudreault Coordinator, Group Fitness 850-644-0547 Email
Kari Scott Coordinator, Member Services 850-644-0550 Email
Lizzie Milkas Coordinator, Aquatic Programs 850-644-4531 Email
Fitness & Movement Clinic
Health & Wellness Center, Tallahassee, FL 32306-4290
General Info FMC Front Desk 850-645-0601  
April Lovett Assistant Director, Development & Assessment 850-645-0603 Email
Jorge Herrera Coordinator, Fitness Facility Operations 850-645-0602 Email
Intramural Sports
1035 Tully Gym, Tallahassee, FL 32306-4290
General Info Intramural Sports Office 850-644-2430  
Chris Schmoldt Assistant Director, Intramural Sports 850-644-0552 Email
Ben Holmes Coordinator, Intramural Sports 850-644-4925 Email
David Calhoun Coordinator, Intramural Sports 850-645-0386 Email
Competitive Sports Facilities / Sport Clubs
Main Campus Fields, Tallahassee, FL 32306-4290
General Info Sport Club Program Office 850-644-7902  
Mike Collins Assistant Director, Competitive Sports & Facilities 850-644-7699 Email
Brandon Corley Coordinator, Sport Clubs 850-645-0923 Email
Chris Toliver Coordinator, Competitive Sports Facilities 850-645-0922 Email
FSU Reservation / Outdoor Pursuits / FSU Challenge / Camp Flastacowo
3226 Flastacowo Road, Tallahassee, FL 32310
General Info Outdoor Pursuits & Rez Waterfront 850-644-2449  
General Info Rez Admin Office 850-644-6892  
Jen McKee Assistant Director, Rez Operations & Risk Management 850-645-0283 Email
Jordan Merrick Assistant Director, Outdoor & Experiential Programs 850-644-2266 Email
Travis Johnson Coordinator, Outdoor Pursuits 850-645-2750 Email
Sean Wilkinson Coordinator, Camp Flastacowo & Challenge Programs 850-644-6124 Email