About the Club

The Seminole Scuba Club was created in 1964 as a means to provide safe, enjoyable diving and create a Florida State University diving community. We welcome divers of all skill levels as well as those interested in becoming a certified diver.

SSC is a community filled with members who love to dive, snorkel, or simply be in the water. Our goal is to provide students the ability to safely and consistently dive recreationally, while also planning diving events, socials, community service activities, fundraisers, as well as promoting diving proficiency.

We are a community-based organization specifically oriented towards student divers, snorkelers, and other interested parties. Don’t know how to dive? No worries, come out to one of our meetings and learn how you can start your diving journey right here in Tallahassee!

We coordinate and conduct community services for waterways around the county, such as semesterly cleanup efforts at local beaches and springs/sinks, as well as provide an educational format promoting diver proficiency, as well as safety. Major SCUBA equipment is provided through local licensed dive shops and donations from alumni over the years.

Being a part of SSC is more than going on fun dives. It is about sharing your passion for diving, snorkeling, or simply being in blue waters with others who feel the same exact way!


Quick Facts


Up to 50 Members


Weekly Meetings