During the final week of the regular season, Intramural Sports will host an online playoff draw to set the playoff brackets and schedule. Online playoff draw sessions occur in the fall for both flag football and volleyball and in the spring for soccer, basketball, and softball. The Intramural Sports staff will schedule the playoffs automatically for other sports based on division and regular season playing days.

Information on the day and time of the online playoff draw session is posted with regular season schedules (you will see it as a note on the schedule). Typically, we also post reminders at the game site.

By participating in the 15-minute online playoff draw session for your team’s division (again another person can participate and represent the team), you will be able to select where in the bracket your team would like to play. All games are prescheduled, so you are basically deciding when is best for your team to play. Teams that do not have a representative in attendance are still scheduled, but are filled into the remaining openings at random. Therefore, participating in the meeting best ensures that your team will be able to play at preferred times.