As with any game or sport, knowing the rules is important. So, take some time to read over the sport’s rules (we even have summary pages with rule highlights for most sports). If you’re a first time captain, you might want to browse the Seven Principles of Intramural Sports which contains the fine print to IM Sports participation.

Remind your team members of equipment and uniform requirements (proper shorts for flag football, for example). You may want to coordinate shirt colors. Explain special IM playing rules for the sport. Remind them to bring their FSUCard to check-in and to arrive early to the game site to complete the check-in process.

And, don’t forget to mention our sportsmanship requirements to your teammates. Good sportsmanship is our number one priority and a required sportsmanship score is required to advance to the playoffs. You would hate to have one teammate cost your team a chance to continue playing our league.