Once you have registered online, your team is set to play for the upcoming season. The vast majority of our IM sports are FREE to play. But, when you fail to show up for a scheduled game or match (including the playoffs) or decide after 5:00 pm on the final day of the registration period to drop out of our league, there is a fine that is assessed to the team captain.

Intramural Sports coordinates managing and scheduling over 200 teams in some of our sports. Cancellations and no-shows have a negative impact on our leagues and other participating teams. You never want to show up for a game and not have anyone to play. The cancellation and forfeit fines serve as an additional deterrent to teams deciding not to play. Good captains have plenty of spare players, so make sure you’ve recruited enough so that you don’t go into panic mode when a teammate cannot make a game at the last minute.

Fines are $30 to drop out of a league after the registration period ends or when your team simply does not show up for a game without properly notifying the Intramural Sports Office. Read more about our cancellation and forfeit fines online. But know that as long as your team shows up for all of its scheduled games, your IM experience will always be free of fines!