So that’s the majority of the preplanning that’s needed. Now, as team captain, you’ll want to register your team during the designated online registration period. Again, you can see those specific registration dates on our Sports Planner. Men’s and women’s registration typically begins at 12 Noon. Co-rec team registration starts at 12:30 pm. Online via our web site. You can register from any computer, tablet, or phone.

In order to register, you will need the following information:

  • Your league and division preferences
  • Your playing day and time preferences
  • A team name (be creative, but keep it clean)
  • Team captain’s phone number and email address

Honestly, it cannot be stressed enough, the best playing days and times will be gone within the first few hours of team registration. So, be online and ready to register when the registration period begins. Space tends to be available after the initial rush, but the selection is not good.

The system is fairly easy to use. But, be sure you get a confirmation at the end of your registration. That indicates that you did indeed get a spot. If you get a spot in a league with a designated day and time, you can rest assured that we will have a place for you to play in our league.

If all the spaces are full in your desired league and divisions, you may register on our waiting list. You will not know if your team is in the league until the captains meeting. Learn more about the wait list process with our separate Wait List FAQ.

In any case, make sure you log on and get registered before moving forward with the final steps to complete and confirm your team’s registration.