Before the registration period begins, you’ll want to know when your team members would like to play. The more flexible your team can be, the more easily you’ll be able to register your team. We offer an assortment of leagues and divisions on each of our playing nights, Sundays through Thursdays for most sports. And, you’ll have some choice of playing time as well, typically between 6:30 pm and 10:30 pm each night.

A breakdown of each night’s planned schedule that includes when each division will play each night is posted approximately a week before the registration period begins. You’ll see that in our schedules section. Check there to see what your options are and talk it over with your team members.

You will select your league, division, and playing day and time right when you register. But, know that space is limited. We can only play so many games at one time. And, the prime days and times fill up extremely quickly. That’s why knowing exactly when registration begins is so important. We will fill our popular days and times within the first hour of online registration!