Team Building – It’s fun! It’s a structured, facilitated experience. We create learning outcomes tailored to your groups’ needs and dynamics. Trained facilitators will guide you through these experiences!

  • Express Courses – Action-based challenges in an open-field setting. This Course is geared towards strengthening your team, allowing for open communication, and helping to increase personal confidence. Book Now
  • Low Challenge Courses – Challenges in a combination of open field and wooded settings. Involves balancing, jumping, or climbing on Low Challenge structures. Book Now
  • High Challenge Courses – Challenges with activities up to a height of 40 feet while secured on a safety cable. The necessary climbing equipment and trained facilitators are provided. It involves balancing, jumping, ascending cargo nets and climbing on special structures. Book Now
      • For participation in High Challenge Course activities, participants must weigh between 50 and 280 pound and be able to properly fit into our safety equipment. Please contact us with any questions your group members may have.
  • Escape Room – Includes a 60-minute escape room experience and a debrief by one of our Challenge Course facilitators. The debrief will allow your group to focus on the team building components of the escape room. Upon escaping, your team will be able to reflect on how to use these learning outcomes throughout everyday tasks. Book Now