It's Fitness Week, Now Through Friday

Fitness Week is back this Spring! Join us in Leach Center & at the Rez, February 27th - March 3rd for Fitness Week 2017. We will have activities each afternoon highlighting all that FSU Campus Recreation Fitness has to offer. Our complete Fitness Week schedule is:

Monday (2/27)
4-6pm in Leach Atrium: Bench Press Your Body Weight
Patrons will weigh-in then try to hit as many reps as possible with their body weight on the barbell bench.  Top 3 Males and Females win!

Tuesday (2/28)

4-6pm in Leach Atrium: Iron Cross Competition
Test your muscular endurance!  How long can you hold dumbbells out to the side?  Top 3 Males and Females win!

5:30 -  Spinning 90 Minute Specialty Ride*
It's what all you spinners have been training for, a long ride. *Pre-Registration Required (Space Limited).  Experienced spinners can register for spots through their Spinning Instructor in class.

Wednesday (3/1)

4-6pm in Leach Atrium: Broad Jump and Dash on the Woodway Curve
Combine your longest jump and your fastest time on a set distance to win a prize.  Top 3 Males and Females win!

Thursday (3/2)

4-6pm in Leach Atrium: Triple Threat Cardio
Run, Bike and Row!  Fastest time wins a prize.  Top 3 Males and Females win!

Friday (3/3)

4:30pm at the FSU Reservation: Yoga at The Rez**
Enjoy the beauty of Lake Bradford as you combine body postures, breathing techniques, and focus while increasing balance and flexibility.

**Registration on Rec Connect required.

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