Registration Options

Group Fitness now provides advance class registration for many high-demand and space-limited classes.

Advance registration for these select classes takes place via the FSU Rec app, up to 25 hours prior to the class start time, as described below. 

Other classes (that do not require sign-up) will continue to accept walk-in participants at the start of the class until the maximum is reached or until class begins.

How to Register in Advance

Advance registration for designated Group Fitness classes opens 25 hours prior to the class time. Advance registration closes 1 hour prior to class time.

Download the FSU Rec App, available on the App Store and on Google Play, and create an account with your FSU email and name that matches your FSUCard.

In the App, touch the Schedules icon to view the fitness classes scheduled for the next 7 days. You can narrow down the list by using the Locations drop down menu in the upper right to select a specific facility.

Select your class and touch the Reserve button.  It will change to Reserved and you're all set.  Once reserved, the app will send you a reminder prior to the class.  The class will also appear in your Reservations list which you can view by tapping on the Reservations tab at the bottom of the app screen.  At the top of the Reservations page you can view your reservations for Today, or tap the Week tab to view other reservations you have made for the next 7 days.

To learn more about the class before reserving, just touch the name of the class for more info. A reservation button will also appear on this class details page

If you need assistance or are unable to use the app, please contact our Fitness Staff at 850-644-0543 to register for a class.

The Standby Line

When registration for a class is full, interested participants may stand in the standby line to take any available spots left in the class. There is a sign located outside every studio indicating where the standby line begins. Five minutes prior to class starting, the instructor will assess any available spots left in the class and allow people from the standby line to fill those spots.

Class Check-In

To claim your registered spot, you must arrive and be in the studio no later than 15 minutes prior to class. No check-in at the fitness desk is necessary. Late attendees will be turned away and incur a penalty.

Cancelling Your Registration

To cancel a registration, just return to the app and select the Reservations tab.  Use the Today and Week tabs at the top of the Reservations page to find your reservation. Then, touch the class name followed by the Cancel Reservation button.  Remember to cancel at least 1 hour prior to class time!

No in-person or call-in cancellations are accepted. You must cancel your registration at least 1 hour prior to the class time in order to avoid a penalty.

Strikes are also accumulated when you fail to cancel and no-show for a class.

On the second strike, a patron's online registration privileges are suspended for 7 days. The third strike results in a 14-day registration suspension. And four strikes results in loss of advance registration privileges for the remainder of the semester (or at least 21 days, whichever is longer).