Facility Policies

As of: August 3 2018

Rec SportsPlex, Main Campus Fields, Westside Courts, Speicher Tennis Center, Tully Gymnasium

Access Policies

- The Rec SportsPlex (RSP) is a limited-access facility with general access available only during designated periods with Campus Recreation staff present.  Any unauthorized use during unsupervised periods is considered trespassing.
- The Main Campus Fields (MCF) and Westside Courts (WC) are open-access facilities with general access available to University community members (students and staff) during daylight hours and select evening hours. Users may be required to present current, valid FSUCard during prime evening and weekend hours.
- Speicher Tennis Center is an open-access facility with general access available during daylight hours and evenings.  Users may request court lights at the facility during evening hours until 10:00 pm by contacting 850-644-2424.  Users may be required to present current, valid FSUCard during select prime hours.
- Tully Gymnasium is a closed facility with access available only for the scheduled activities of the Department of Sport Management, Athletics, and Campus Recreation.  No general access is available (no free play or pick-up games).
- General access to any facility may be limited during intersession and holiday breaks and due to special reservations or rentals.
- It is a violation of University policy to utilize any FSU facility during supervised or unsupervised periods for personal financial gain. A valid, authorized facility rental is required.

General Policies

- All active users must be current FSU students, faculty, or staff unless approved for a special event.
- Users must present valid FSUCard ID when requested by any Campus Recreation staff member.
- No pets, alcohol, tobacco, glass containers, or weapons are permitted at all Campus Recreation facilities.
- Appropriate footwear and attire is required of all participants and attendees.
- Sports, recreation, and related warm-up activities must occur in designated areas only.
- Golf or other activities that may cause damage to the playing fields are prohibited.
- Scaling and jumping any fence throughout the facility is not permitted.
- Participants and spectators shall beware of possible flying balls, bats, and other objects.
- All patrons must follow the instructions given by Campus Recreation staff members.  Violators are subject to ejection and suspension from the facility and other Campus Recreation programs, services, and facilities.