Battleship Rules Summary 
Last Updated for Summer 2015

The Complete FSU IM Battleship Rulebook is Available Online here
No Tobacco and No Alcohol are permitted in the Leach Pool Area. Violators will be ejected. No Food and No Flavored Drinks are allowed on the pool deck. Only Bottled Water is permitted.


Participation is limited to currently-enrolled, fee-paying FSU students, faculty members, and full-time staff. FAMU & TCC students and members of the community are not eligible. In order to participate in an intramural contest, each player must present his/her current, valid FSUCard. Check-in takes place at the Leach Center pool deck.

Each match will take place in the shallow end of the Leach Center pool in an area approximately 3 swimming lanes across. In the pool, boundaries are provided by lane lines and the side of the pool. Throughout game play, IM staff will be present in the pool to push or redirect boats together. Actions by the IM staff are designed enhance game play and are complete without regard to requests by participating boat members.

Each team will consist of four (4) players in the boat per round. In addition, two (2) more players may serve as poolside soakers. A team may have an unlimited number of players on its roster. Players may be added to the roster prior to any round including the championship. Substitutes may only replace an active player in between rounds. Three (3) players results in a default. Two (2) or less results in a forfeit.

 Each team will receive three (3) buckets, two (2) shields. Teams can distribute their equipment throughout the boat in any order. Each team may also utilize mats for kneeling or sitting within their boat. Mats are supplied by IM Sports. Poolside soakers may utilize any commercially available water gun (super soaker, etc). IM Sports will provide basic pool soakers. Each player may only utilize one soaker per round.


At the start of a round, the boats will be even spread along the perimeter of the battle waters. The officials will push the canoe from the edge of the battle waters toward the center of the pool at the starting whistle.

Players may NOT take water out of their own canoe. PENALTY: Replacement of water at official's discretion plus one large penalty bucket. 

Players may not touch an opponent, opponent's equipment (in possession of an opponent or in the pool), or an opponent's boat. PENALTY: One large penalty bucket. Any intentional act of tipping an opponent's canoe may result in team disqualification.

Each team attempts to sink their opponents by throwing water from their buckets into their opponent's boat. During qualifying rounds, a predetermined number of boats (typically the last two or three) afloat will advance to the next round. The last boat afloat in the final round wins the tournament.

A team is eliminated when:
(a) Their boat capsizes or both sidewalls of the boat are underwater.
(b) A player falls out of the boat.
(c) Players refuse to comply with game rules or directions of a game official.
(d) A game official rules a team is eliminated due to unsportsmanlike conduct or dangerous play.