Competitive Sports Facility Supervisor

The Facility Supervisor is a leader within the Competitive Sports & Facilities Sports Program who shows a high level of commitment to its success. A Facility Supervisor has the authority to make decisions regarding all Competitive Sports Facilities with a focus on the safety of all employees, participants, and spectators who may be involved in activities with Campus Recreation.

Now Hiring - Deadline to apply is Friday, March 31st by 12:00pm

Job Details

  • Maintaining the highest level of integrity for yourself and the department at all times
  • Actively seeking opportunities to improve yourself and the department
  • Enforcing all policies of the Rec SportsPlex, Main Campus Fields, Westside Courts, Tully Gymnasium, Harkins Turf Field, and Speicher Tennis Center
  • Assisting the professional staff with the facility operations
  • Opening and closing procedures at Competitive Sports Facilities
  • Supervising open recreation, special events, Sport Club practices, Intramural Sports, and facility reservations shifts
  • Being a good steward of customer service
  • Preparing equipment and the facility for the programmed activities
  • Making decision concerning the safety of participants pertaining to the playing conditions
  • Reporting potential risk management concerns, damages, and other maintenance issues
  • Maintaining clean facilities and empty trash cans
  • Leading the entire supervisory staff in closing the facility after a programmed shift
  • Handling all facility-related issues and document as necessary
  • Serving as a liaison to the FSU Police and First Responders on site
  • Communicating any problem participants, facility issues, and other pertinent issues at Competitive Sports Facilities to the supervisory staff
  • Participating in discussion at weekly staff meetings


  • Ability to work between 10-15 hours per week
  • Experience in leadership, management, and/or administrative capacities
  • Must hold current CPR/First-Aid certifications
  • Shown dedication and commitment to the Competitive Sports Program

Core Competencies Gained by Position

  • Personal & Professional Qualities
    • Problem Solving – Advanced
      • Develop organizational efficiency by formulating, planning, and implementing appropriate solutions to complex or unprecedented problems.
    • Adaptability – Advanced
      • Anticipate change and make significant or long term adaptations in organization in response to the needs of the situation.
      • Evaluate alternatives, and respond quickly and effectively to unexpected and rapidly changing conditions.
  • Legal Liability & Risk Management Qualities
    • Risk Management – Basic
      • Perform and document facility and equipment safety inspections in the area of responsibility.
    • Crisis Management – Basic
      • Recognize crisis situations and implement appropriate emergency action plans (EAPs) such as providing first aid, CPR, AED, crowd management and facility evacuation.
      • Document an incident or accident objectively and free of conjecture, and collect statements from those involved as well as any witnesses.
  • Human Resources Management Qualities
    • Staff/Student Development – Advanced
      • Serve in a mentoring and/or sponsoring relationship.
    • Customer Service – Basic
      • Demonstrate appropriate interpersonal interactions for situation: smile, eye contact, listening and timely response.
      • Show employees and customer’s empathy, respect and consideration.
      • Makes oneself available to the customer to address issues, as appropriate.
    • Conflict Resolution – Basic
      • Provide accurate information such as policies and procedures to prevent conflict or concern.
    • Technology Applications – Basic
      • Demonstrate proficiency with commonly used software such as word processing, spreadsheets, social media, web based-software, project management software, presentation software, calendaring software, and create account settings.
  • Facility Management, Planning & Design Qualities
    • Policies and Procedures – Basic
      • Describe and enforce departmental and institutional policies and procedures specific to facilities and explain the rationale behind the policies and procedures.
    • Facility Operations and Management – Basic
      • Facilitate execution of daily operations such as opening/closing buildings and rooms, setting up areas with equipment appropriate for activities, facility maintenance and housekeeping.