Fitness Consultants

The Fitness Consultant works closely with the Fitness Director and Student Directors in the FSU Fitness Center.  This person has the opportunity to gain experience in the following areas: cardiovascular and strength training programs, equipment management, and fitness floor supervision. The program expectation is that by the 3rd semester, the Consultant will become a nationally certified Personal Trainer, build a client base and personally train clients.

Job Requirements

  • Must be available to work for a MINIMUM of 3-consecutive semesters
  • Must be available to work 12+ hours per week.
  • Must be a FULL-TIME Registered Student for Spring 2017 and Fall 2017 Semesters, and taking AT LEAST 3 CREDITS for the whole Summer 2017 Semester.
  • Applicants with educational backgrounds in Exercise Science, Nutrition & Fitness, and other related fields will be given priority over all others.  Applicants without appropriate educational background should possess a strong practical knowledge of strength and cardiovascular training.

Work Ethic

  • Must be able to work well with supervisors, employees, and participants.
  • Personable (not shy), helpful, and exhibits a positive attitude and initiative in working with patrons.
  • Teachable, dependable, and highly motivated to work hard/follow through with commitments and responsibilities.
  • Must have good communication and observation skills.

Good Physical Condition

  • Ability to demonstrate and spot major exercises such as squat, bench press, etc.
  • Must be able to pick-up and rack 45 lb. weight plates and heavy dumbbells.

How to Apply

Consultant Application (PDF)     Consultant Application (Word)  

  1. Complete the Fitness Consultant Application and turn in at the Leach Center Fitness Counter no later than Monday, November 21st at 12 Noon.
  2. If selected, attend an interview session between Monday, November 25th and Wednesday, November 30th.
  3. If hired, must attend mandatory training course: Saturday, December 17th through Wednesday, December 21st (9a-6p daily).