Fitness Consultants

Fitness consultants work closely with the Fitness Director and Student Directors in Campus Recreation's fitness facilities.  Fitness employees have the opportunity to gain experience in the following areas: cardiovascular and strength training programs, equipment management, and fitness floor supervision. The program expectation is that by the third semester, fitness employees will become nationally certified personal tainers, build a client base and personally train clients.  Additional promotional opportunities are available through an application and interview process to employees who demonstrate initiative and strong work ethic.

Hiring Period

The typical hiring period for this position begins approximately 1 month prior to the end of each semester.  Job information sessions will be held on multiple days.  

We are currently accepting applications for fitness consultants for the summer. Interested applicants should visit the fitness desk to receive an application.  All applications need to be completed and returned by Wednesday, April 12th.  

Job Details

  • Provide customer service to patrons on fitness programming.
  • Enforce fitness policies and procedures and ensure the safety of patrons in the Leach Student Recreation Center and Fitness and Movement Clinic.
  • Track partcipant headcounts on the fitness floor and sign ups for group exercise classes.
  • Re-rack weights within designated areas. 
  • May serve as first responder to medical emergencies within facility.  Communicates situations to the proper personnel.


  • Positions are available to current FSU students available to work for a minimum of three consecutive semesters. 
  • Ability to work a minimum of 12 hours per week.
  • Current Red Cross CPR/First-Aid certification. Opportunity for certification process provided by department once hired.
  • Ability to demonstrate and spot major exercises such as squat, bench press, etc.
  • Must be able to safely lift and rack 45 lb. weight plates and heavy dumbbells.
  • Applicants with educational backgrounds in Exercise Science, Nutrition & Fitness, and other related fields will be given priority over all others.  Applicants without appropriate educational background should possess a strong practical knowledge of strength and cardiovascular training.
  • Successful candidates will also possess good communication skills, a positive attitude and work well with a supervisors, employees, and participants.  

How to Apply

Consultant Application (PDF)     Consultant Application (Word)  

  1. Fitness consultant applications are available at the fitness desk in the Leach Student Recreation Center.  Completed applications need to be turned into the Leach Center fitness counter no later than Wednesday, April 12th.
  2. If selected, applicants will be contacted to set up an interview the week of April 17th.  
  3. If hired, employees must attend a mandatory five day training course beginning Sunday, May 7th.